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Choose us for plumbing remodeling work

Did you renovate your bathroom? Reach out to Bruce Plumbing so you can use your beautiful new space. We'll reroute the pipes for your shower, sink and toilet.

Not every contractor is licensed to handle plumbing work, but we have the experience and certification needed to tackle jobs of all sizes. No matter how much work your bathroom needs, you can depend on us to make your space usable.

Get in touch with us today for a free estimate on your plumbing remodel in Morehead City, NC.

Is the plumbing in your kitchen outdated?

Is the plumbing in your kitchen outdated?

We can replace and reroute your pipes for you. Before you contact us, you should:

  • See if your new sink will work with your existing pipes
  • Install new flooring underneath your appliances
  • Discuss your remodel with a plumber to know what you're getting into

We'll help you make wise decisions so you won't have to worry about future pipe issues. Call 252-723-3086 now to arrange for plumbing remodeling service in Morehead City, NC. We can also install pipes anywhere else in your home.